Band Work

At the core of Nasheet’s ensemble performances is a versatility evidenced by the breadth of styles. and of artists with whom he works. Each relationship highlights a unique aspect of Nasheet’s abilities as an artist. 


Nasheet Waits’ Equality is a band whose position and philosophy are revealed in the name. All members contribute material, which encourages an equal responsibility for the execution of its content. The group’s first eponymous recording Equality was released in 2009 on the Fresh Sound label. That group included Jason Moran, Logan Richardson and Tarus Mateen. Equality has also been graced with the presence of Stanley Cowell, Craig Taborn, James Hurt, and Vijay Iyer on piano and Mark Helias and John Hebert on bass. Whatever the personnel, a seamless nature exists. The goal is simply to offer creative music with energy, integrity, and love.


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Tarbaby is an expandable, organic situation where like-minded musicians are invited to participate. With the trio of Evans, Revis, and Waits as the foundation we strive to augment the group into myriad incarnations. There are no limitations, this is just the beginning. We’re excited to see the manifestations of these various combinations.The core members add up to some weighty experience along the jazz continuum.


Nasheet-Waits Bandwork Tarbaby-01

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3rd Eye


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The foundation of the relationship between Nasheet. Tarus Mateen and Jason was established while working with The New Directions band in 1999. Before performing in a trio format they worked as the rhythm section for Greg Osby and Stefan Harris. The Bandwagon has a chemistry that has been heralded by critics and music listeners alike. This quote characterizes some of the feelings listeners have experienced while enjoying the Bandwagon. “I had to go a lithe way to Berlin to see pianist Jason Moran play with his regular trio. but when I finally did, it was like getting hit by a truck. I hesitate to write that they harness the power of rock because that suggests their most exhilarating moments are scripted and they’re not-they can collapse and rebuild songs as easily as opening and closing a pop-up book-but there’s no question that they play with volatile energy.· listen to this group on Blue Note Record releases. Jason Moran & The Bandwagon (recorded live at the Village Vanguard). Also. Facing Left and Black Stars. featuring Sam Rivers. The past four years the group’s recordings. and performances have garnered notable critical recognition. In 2002 “Black Stars” was named album of the year in both The New York Times and Downbeat magazine. The Bandwagon has just released another offering this February: A blues based theme featuring the triplet. accompanied by guitarist Marvin Sewell. Check schedule to see when Nasheet will be performing with J and the Bandwagon. 

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Nasheet was invigorated by Andrew Hill’s work after listening to Point of Departure. maybe one of Hill’s most popular recordings. This led Nasheet to seek out more Hill recordings which were all so refreshing. creative. and beautiful. Nasheet’s father, drummer Freddie Waits, performed and recorded with Hill (Grass Roots, and lift Every Voice. Blue Note Records). When comparing Nasheet and his father, Andrew says: they both play dynamically and they both arc extremely creative rhythmically. It’s almost two different styles, but they both have the same complexity. They have two different approaches.· Nasheet notes Hill was one of the few musicians that he really had a passion to work with. When Andrew asked Nasheet to join his group(s) Nasheet jumped at the offer. A fruitful relationship has emerged; hence Andrew Hill utilizes Nasheet in his trio quartet. sextet. and big band. About Nasheet Andrew says. “I love the way he plays – he brings a certain rhythm dynamic to the music that I haven’t heard a drummer use in a decade”.  Nasheet can be heard on Hill’s recording A Beautiful Day on Palmetto Records. and The Day The World Stood Still. The Andrew Hill Jazz par Octet + I, released in April 2004 in accordance with Hill’s 2003 Jazzpar award.

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